Make an Ad!

It's easy, once registered and logged you can go in the CANDIDATURES section or CASTING and click on button NEW AD.

Indicate the features that are looking for in the models, constraining it in the case of necessity. Put into the main information as a city and date of the job!

Remember that the information about the place of the job\casting and the contact of the client will be visible only to the guys who will be confirmed for going to the cast\job!

Share your ad on main social network, this will be helpful to improve the possibility to find the right guys and improve your notoriety outside the borders of Emposs!

Remember that you can upload a cover image linked for example at the brand for which you create the ad. All this make your ad more engaging!

Emposs will share your contents on its main social channel to help you increase your chances of finding the boy or girl you are looking for!