With Emposs the scouting activity is faster and cheaper.

Bringing young people into contact with fashion and events agencies is one of Emposs's goals. Another of our great goals is to provide a product that can facilitate the management of young people for agencies by providing a tool for monitoring and supervision.

Through Emposs an Agency will be able to make an ad and know if the model went or not to the cast\job!

A constantly updated composit! Choose photos of the boy's book by mixing them as you prefer whenever you want and download them in pdf format.

This will avoid having to print the composit every time that will be available to customers who can download them. Only your logo and data will be present on the composit.

Communicating with your customers has never been so easy! Send your proposals simply by entering only the e-mail of the customer who will not even register. Access the site through a special link that will allow him to choose the guys he prefers and tell you who did not show up for the casting.

This will allow you to understand if a boy or a girl are engaged or not!

Each agency can add operators to their profile, this will allow the new operator the ability to perform all the main functions, from creating an ad to contact a boy or girl. So more operators can work at the same time.

Use social media sharing your ads to make them more visible helping you to increase your awareness thanks to our contribution. We will have a constant social activity that will further publicize your page and your ads!